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This serves to confirm that AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES (PTY) LTD, works with the highest form of integrity, therefore in our services we undertake to do your oil sampling and send them to Wear check Africa or Intrek Laboratory to be analysed which is a registered laboratory and  an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 registered company.

On receipt on report, AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES (PTY) LTD will send you the accredited report, with a quotation should any further work to be done.

AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES (PTY) LTD is a highly qualified transformer services company with over 25 years of experience in this field.  AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES (PTY)LTD will send a fully qualified team to do any work on your premises which include:


Optimising Tranformer Function Requirements!

The quality of insulating oil is vital to the functioning and early fault detection of power transformers in order to optimize equipment life.


Oil in service will need to be routinely sampled. The results of these analysis will

indicate the status and health of the transformer.


It is vital that all decision’s regarding insulation oil are based on the prescribe analysis, following a correctly taken sample.

A significant method of testing the condition is by taking them to be analyzed by an accredited laboratory.

The following should be carried out :

  • GAS
  • Moisture content    (ppm)
  • Dielectric strength  (Kv)
  • Acidity                       (mgKOH/g)


This process entails the usage of a mobile filtration plant in order to remove moisture and fibers only.

This process is recommended to be used when the oil will remain in the transformer.


By separating and quantifying the gases found dissolved in the oil the specialist can identify the presence of an incipient fault. (early warning)


Is the measure of the oil`s ability to withstand electrical stress without failure.


Water accelerates the deterioration of both the insulating oil and the insulating material.


An increase in the acidity is an indication of the rate of deterioration of the oil with “SLUDGE” as the inevitable by-product.


Is a banned substance.

The term PCB is a generic name for a group of fire resistant dielectric fluids and synthetic insulating liquids.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls , also known as PCB`s , are a group of synthetic chemicals that are similar in structure with different degrees of chlorination.

PCB`s were banned due to their toxicity and persistence in the environment.

PCB`s were used in a wide range of industrial activities as a heat exchanger Fluid.

PCB`s causes environmental problems because they do not breakdown and can spread through the water , soil and air.

PCB`s have been shown to cause a variety of adverse health effects and are associated with acne like skin conditions in adults.

Transformer Oil Management!

Heat transfer and Transformer oil management forms an integral part of the suit of services offered by AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES PTY LTD.

Management of transformer oils is critical to the long term operation of all oil cooled transformers. Build up of moisture and gases can have a devastating effect on the life and operation of the transformer, in fact if left unchecked, can cause the transformer to explode with dire consequences.

In the event of a failed DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)  or high moisture result, AM TRANSFORMER SERVICES have the equipment and provide the service to Dehydrate and degas the suspect oil without total removal from the transformer.

Heat and Vacuum technology is used to provide the optimum return in oil condition. The oil return system prevents gas build up entering the transformer by degassing the return oil by vacuum gas extraction.

The heater on the plant ensures that the windings are heated throughout the operation , enabling movement of oil within the coils so as to cause the entrapped gases to be released.


Transformer oil can be contaminated by moisture in one of the following method:

  • Interaction between the air and transformer oil through the breather

Check your silica gel and change on a regular basis. The new, orange,            Silica gel is not as effective as the old silica (blue)

  • Leaks
  • Paper deterioration

There is always a direct relationship between the moisture in the oil and the moisture in the paper. The operating temperature of the transformer will increase or decrease in step with the moisture concentration in the transformer oil.

Moisture is electrically conductive, and thus will lower the insulating strength of the transformer oil.


The acidity content will increase over time in transformer oil. The interaction between moisture, temperature and oxygen will generate the acidity content.

  • Sludge will form in a transformer. This is a “jelly” which settles in-between the windings, or any other crevice in the transformer, and is extremely difficult to get out.  An oil change should be consider as soon as the acidity level approach the 0.14 mgKOH/g oil mark, analyzed in conjunction with other results – DGA and Furanic.
  • High acidity will cause the paper deterioration to accelerate.


The dielectric strength of the transformer oil is a measure if the oil`s ability to withstand

electrical stress without failure. The presence of moisture or particles will have a direct influence on the oil`s ability to insulate.


The DGA is by far one of the most important tools for the transformer owner in detecting incipient faults in the transformer. The DGA should be done on regular basis as any internal fault will be detected months in advance.

The DGA will detect the following problems months in advance with regular testing :

  • Overheating
  • Loose connections
  • Break in cellulose
  • Arcing
  • Partial discharge
  • Corona


PCB is purely a health and environment issue and will not influence the working of the transformer. PCB`s are linked to cancer, kidney and liver damage, and damage to digestive organs in humans.

Transformer oil leaks can contaminate the soil and water table, which in turn will find contaminate the food chain. This is a very serious problem in South Africa and must be treated with respect and importance.


The Furanic will determine the paper deterioration in the transformer.

Recommended on a yearly basis for transformers older than five (5) years.


Function :

Silica gel breathers are fitted to oil filled transformers. The purpose of these silica gel breathers is to absorb the moisture in the air sucked in by the transformer during the breathing process.

Thus the silica gel breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of the moisture entering the transformer or conservator tank during the breathing process.


The oil is tested to IEC,ASTM and ISO standards , helping you identify issues quickly.

  •  Identify if an oil is suitable for further use
  •  Detect whether  filtration is needed
  •  Enhance component life and reduce oil costs
  •  Maximize safety and prevent untimely failures
  •  Gain crucial historical data to understand changes or increases in key gases

Preventative Maintenance on HT Equipment



  • Transformer oil sampling for analysis
  • Oil purification and vacuum treatment
  • Repair / replacement of leaking gaskets, cone rubbers, bushings etc
  • Supplying of SABS 555 regenerated oil and new oil
  • Transformer testing and fault investigation
  • Assembly and cold commissioning up to 45MVA transformers
  • Maintenance and testing of HT Switchgear up to 11KV
  • Compiling of reports when tasks completed
  • Adhere to system policies and procedures
  • 24 Hour standby assistance
  • Supplying of silica gel crystals and breathers

24 Hour Service for Preventative Maintenance On Electrical Equipment!

Transformer Oil Sampling That Will Comprise of The Following

  • Reliable oil sample collection
  • Oil sample testing by an SABS accredited laboratory
  • Well documented results that are stored for future referencing and record keeping
  • The compiling of a full assessment done on the condition of the transformer (oil leaks, paint condition and repairs needed )
  • Records to our customers in hard copy and electronicallyWith the results from the tests we can than make recommendations on the on-site repairs and purification

Transformer On - Site Repair Services Comprising of:

  • Transformer oil purification to correct moisture levels of oil
  • Replacement of transformer oil
  • Replacement of all gaskets and oil seals
  • Repair of oil leaks on transformer tanks
  • Cleaning and painting of transformers